18 years backtesting video


Hi All,
Please check my strategy video.
All strategies are tested which a super long period of 18 years to ensure it’s robustness.

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Welcome on board AWX_Singapore!

Your data look interesting.
I wonder have you tested your EA on EURUSD or in various GBPUSD timeframes to robust your strategy even more?



I have tested my EA with different sever timing, spreads, TP and SL points, shifting of the technical indicators to ensure overall robustness of the system.

As I uses fixed TP and SL and different pair has their own personality factor, porting over the EA to another pair will need some minor optimisation of the EA in order to maximise profit. Minor variation of the EA also ensures that the risk is being spread out.

Also, the video which I have posted consist of 3 different strategies combined together.
They actually complements each other and help to keep DD low.

I will be posting my backtest results for EURUSD soon.
Stay tuned and follow me as I will be increasing the number of pairs which I will be trading along the way.


Back test for EURUSD done.

You can check it out at my page


Ended 2 weeks in Zulu with 80% win and 121.1 pips profit with low DD of 16 pips only.
Looks good and better than my backtest result so far.
As mentioned, this is a low DD, high profit world class EA.

ZuluTrade Week 2


I have created another account which is live as current one is on demo.


This is a clever move because you show that you trust your own strategy with real funds.

Will you use the same strategy?



Yes of course!!!
I strongly believe in my strategy.
It is a combination of Technical Analysis with Mathematical edge and good risk management with diversified risk.


Completed my first trade with my live account and helped my live follower earned 50.3 pips shorting GBPUSD.
I trade based on trends and not a scalper nor grid trader.
You can consider following me with low risk and low DD.



After 1 week, I have helped my followers gain 10% return. :grin:
How about you?

Let’s make money together.


After 2 week, I have helped my followers gain 20% return.
How about you?

Let’s make money together.


is the account still active?