2-tier program available?


Hey, I am currently working on a review of your affiliate program here and I just have a few questions. Can you tell me if you have a 2-tier referral program for sending new affiliates? I see that your website is translatable into many languages for many countries. I guess that is your main GEOs where you want to be promoted?



Hello Alex,

Thank you for visiting our Forum!

Regarding your inquiry, please note that our Affiliate Program is not supporting a 2 Tier referral Program and therefore, you can receive commissions as a ZuluTrade Affiliate for referred Investor accounts only.

Our website is indeed translated in many languages as we wish to make the user experience as friendly and familiar as possible! Our main Targeting Geos are Global except Japan, USA and OFAC sanctioned countries such as Syria, Iraq, Cuba etc.

Please let us know if you need any further clarification.

ZuluTrade Affiliate Program Team