20000 pips per month



Europe clients can follow only after 12 weeks of account age?


100% Automated system with most stable performance. 12th week running. available to follow for all now.


Indeed. You are correct.


My system completes 12 weeks here, hoping to get some serious followers now with reasonable account size.


Thank you to those who now got how my system works and start following. :slight_smile:


Take it the reply and the new topic posted is in good humour, if not, why on earth!!


My apologies, hope you do well on ZT.



I have reported some stupid comments here, please keep this place clean for real business.


Really? I was only making a joke and you lashed out on me? And that was a friendly commend, if you can’t take a joke I feels sorry for you. And where in the thread that I am being negative? You are the one that are being negative and slammed me for everything. Thanks for nothing and hope for the best in your en devour.

Emerald Trader



@Multi_Currency_Trade No worries at all. Thanks :pray:


Dear follower you must bring sufficient money to follow my signals, please do not subscribe to multiple traders in order to avoid blow ups.

this is series business and you must treat it like a business.

please check trading history of my trading before subscribing.


Ranked improved nicely as planned.

287 now.

still it will improve in coming days.


so many signal providers who are boasting their results right now wont be here in next few months thats because markets never work the same this is why it is best to follow automated system which work flawlessly long term without any human intervention. only way to survive is by following a system which works in all market conditions. follow systems with only long term consistent growth.

happy holidays to all.


Happy New Year 2019



large moves on jpy and aud pairs today. flash crash. as expected my system did well.


Busy day too many news coming up.


yearly expected return.


GBP is on watch list


VOTING on brixit today


GBPUSD is facing 1.2930 resistance, a break of this level would indicate that the upside movement from 1.2396 has resumed, then further rise towards 1.3000 could be seen. Near term support is at 1.2780, below this level could bring the price back to 1.2740 area.