30 000 pips profits with a low risk entry in 7 weeks


Today I may hit 30 000 pips in open profit within 7 weeks on my low risk set up. Most of my positions are on break even.

Follow my equity curve on:



Hi, I see you trade many exotic pairs and indices that offer good volatility.

Is this a live account or demo?


Today I hit the 30 0000 pips target and Closed all positions. I am still keeping my drawdown low. Please comment.


I tried to answer you question, but the post is awaiting moderation. Somehow it is not possible to link to other of my accounts. I do have a momentum strategy.


This account is demo


Yes it is demo. I wanted to attach another account link, but it is not possible


Is it an automated strategy?


No, it is manual with clear parameters concerning entry, poition size und risk.


Hmm, 57% winning rates, How comes some of the trades that was profits at one point were not closed? Just wondering.


My primary focus is not on profitable trades in %.


So drawdown is over. I hope to make some good pips now. Feel free to join:


I guess having a win rate of more than 70% means that the signal provider could probably have huge drawdowns in his account.


I guess take small losses or one day you have to take the mother of all losses and it will probably crash your account.


I made some huge pips with a trad in oil :sunglasses: