33% monthly system


I am a Forex fund manager and a professional trader. It took me 2 years to make this system, and I want to present it also on this platform.
Now about the system.

  • Trend system
  • It’s not a grid or martingale.
  • Uses SL and TP, and both are dynamic (based on price movement)
  • Not fixed lot size, but uses advanced risk management
  • Limit is 3 trades per day.
  • Hedging is possible but not common
  • Use price swings and Fibonacci levels
  • Use a few of my own indicators

System generates in AVERAGE 33% monthly profit. The drawdown is usually around 30%, but it is possible to once or twice per year jump higher. I am trading here with 5% risk, so that is considered riskier, but me and most of my clients and followers are trading only with their profits, since it is very fast to double the account.
System is based on logical rules and is very sofisticated.


@BullCapital_Rush You have not posted any link for the system to enable us look at it.

Is this the link? https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/408561/trading

If it is, it appears the account has been inactive for over 1month and presently, the status of the account is disconnected.