A new signal to keep an eye on



Manual day and swing trading, also using an EA to trigger trades. Based on Renko Charts.
Trading strategy is based on supply and demand with the use of all the well known analytical tools.
The maximum open positions are between 6 and 8, if positions are in profit adding more positions is possible.
Stops are between 30/60 pips for daytrading and 75/150 for swingtrading.
Please follow with Profit Sharing.


First full week of trading in very slow moving markets. :sleeping:

Took 376 pips in profit which is not bad, hoping
for more movement next week.


Stats can be found on MyFxbook ( Brick By Brick)


A profit of 1270 pips for the week in difficult market conditions.Still waiting for more trending markets to come.

Also waiting for @ZuluTrade to change the structure from pip based to % gains this can have an effect on the lotsize and trading style.


End the first month of trading with a nice profit of 11.74 %.
And a nice start of the month of April.

Real DD $ 185.00