About traders account ranking



I have a question.
I have a signal trader account - username is AKSIGNALS3 http://www.zulutrade.com/trader/412631
Is there something wrong with my account ranking system? I trade 7 weeks, but my ranking is extremely low - 7882. And after every successful trading week, my ranking isn’t going up, but down. I use good strategy - max open orders only 5. Use stop loss system. Also my DD is low - only 482 pips, but earned pips is more than 2000. So, why I can’t go up on traders ranking, but every day after successful trades, My ranking is going down???

I also have other trader account with other trading system, which is unsuccessful - high DD, low profits, losses etc, but this system is more higher in traders account ranking, than my AKSIGNALS3 system, which is successful.

Is there is some bugs in my account ranking?



Your strategy looks good and the chart looks nice. I would suggest you maintain the strategy. Your ranking will hopefully improve with time. Sometimes, ranking can improve from over 7000 to below 1000 instantly. This was my experience with https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/396696/trading?m=1

However, it appears you are trading on GER30 only which puts your average profit at 0%. Popular and regular currency pairs which includes USD, GBP etc., should improve your average profit and your ranking

All the best.


Thanks for answer! :slightly_smiling_face: