Aelia|capital and ADM|capital


hello to all.
As i describe in the strategy Aelia and ADM capital gives you the same signals with different broker.
ADM|capital will be live with AAAFX in the near future.
I spend 8-10 hours during the weekend and 1 hour daily to find my entries.
I’m not doing this for a living but i can live from this.
I’m trading since 2004 with a lot of wins, loses and struggle.
The strategy-system and my EA that i use for trading is from 15 years of experience and they are not for sale.
I’m trading 9 pairs in ADM|capital and 10 pairs in Aelia|capital (+eur/usd).
In my ECN account i’m trading 11 pairs with better performance.
Scalping and hedging means no SL.
I have a weekly performance 1-5%.
I hate gamblers so do not trade with less than 1000$ and 1 microlot.
Pro-Rata is the best way to follow me.
-I start to trade 7-8 hours after the opening of fx market.
-On Friday i close all of my open trades before the opening of US session.
-All the trades close from my EA if i have 2.000 pips DD but monitoring from me if the DD pass 1.000 pips.
I wish you healthy and happy trading. #Aelia|capital - ADM|capital