Algorithmic Banker


Dear Investors,

I create this topic in order to present our trading profile:

It’s automated strategy based mainly on a combination of algorithmic models. In addition, the system takes into account the technical analysis using indicators, such as Fibonacci, RSI, CCI and Stochastic. The strategy is mostly targeting in reversals.

Here, I am going to analyze not only our view in FX trading but also the positions.

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Dear Investors,

My motto is “Trade what you see not what you feel”. I have been trading for the past 10 years having one goal in my mind and that is to beat the market.

Trading is not about gambling, trading is science and that’s how I trade. I build models that analyze and predict the market. They are also responsible for the decision making. All of that happens by taking advantage of machine learning methods.

I focus on PnL in terms of equity instead of pips. My priority is to keep the risk as low as possible, so keep in mind the recommended settings of my trading profile.

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Enjoy the ride!