Are there any traders using a proper risk/reward strategy and not just going for high win %?


Are there any traders in here that use a risk/reward strategy of at least 1:2 ratio? I’ve tried many but most just seem to strive for a high percentage win rate which doesn’t mean much if one trade can wipe out profits from 10 trades with small TP’s. I see a lot of large drawdowns and a lot of small profit taking just to boost win percentages. Speak up if you’re a trader that believes in using a proper risk/reward strategy please! I don’t care if your win rate is only 40% so long as your SL is set at a reasonable 40-50 pips, and TP is at least 3/4 or double that.


i think my trading account is what you are searching for.
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You may be interested in my trading signal. I run a portfolio of automated systems that use exit signals as well as an end of day exit so all trades are closed at the end of the day to avoid gaps and swap fees. My systems generally have a win rate around 50 - 55% with the average winner being larger than the average loser in historical back tests.

I know this isnt exactly what you were looking for but i as well do not believe in trading super high win rate systems with small winners and massive losers.

Feel free to check out my signal and have a nice day :slight_smile:


I prefer nice steady gains over the long term. I don’t even like using leverage when I trade, but there’s times where leverage helps. If you’re looking for a trader to follow, check out my profile here.


Hello, i adapt the volume of my trades based on my stop losses and percent (risking 1% per trade or less) of my account with at least 2:1 BR.

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Hi, you can contact me. I will show you what I do and you will decide.

My profile ( i care about trading one trade at once to avoid to big deposit usage):