Arunfxtrader - Earn a steady 5% every month - (STABLE) signals


This system is rock solid and stable takes only 4 trades each day trading GBP/USD and GBP/JPY.

The system makes a steady 50 to 80% each year. The main goal is to keep the drawdown to a low level.

Recommended capital is 100$ with each trade trading at 0.001 lot for a capital of 100$. If the broker in your platform allows only 0.01 lot as minimum then you will need 1000$ account to trade signals.

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Crossed 9% growth in 5 weeks with low drawdown


Ranking currently under 600 and moving in a steady pace.

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Currently ranking 440 and over 1200 pips In 5 weeks. Drawdown very low. Minimum capital to trade for micro accounts 100$


Arunfxtrader moving up the ranks. Currently at #345 and the drawdown at very low levels.

In 5 weeks the system has generated 14% risk free. :blush:


Currently ranking under 300… With over 1500 pips in 6 weeks

Drawdown is currently low. With trades lasting only 6 hours and trades opened never more than

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@arunfxtrader. Your strategy looks promising with a maximum of 4 opened positions, provided you always apply a reasonable stop loss to each position. Maintain the strategy.


Thanks for the comment. Have been using this statergy for nearly 6 years. The stops are always against the trend placed statergically on the S/R Zones.

My principle is get in and get out fast.Pure intra day trading lasting no more than 6-7 hours


With a steady performance in the past 60 days… Making consistently over 500 pips a month…

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Currently ranked no 192 and steadily reached thus rank in 10 weeks.

Am making a steady 200 pips a week or roughly 6-8% a month…

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We have moved under 50 in rankings and making a steady 800 pips per month risk free…

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Currently in the 150 rank region with over 2800 pips made in 14 weeks… Risk free. Do follow my signals below


@arunfxtrader This strategy looks good. All the best.