Can't seem to make profit, something to do with Leverage?


Hi Guys,

it’s probably going to become very obvious that i’m a total newbie at this. :slight_smile:

So I invested $3k in Crypto and am now thinking of exiting with a clear $5k profit so, i’m toying with moving it to Zulu. I started up a few demo accounts and, no matter what I do with that 5k, no matter who I follow i’m making like 1 or 2$ in a week…with 5000 USD. This seems odd or, is that normal? I’ve even tried putting pro-rata 100% on a single trader.

I’ve played with the simulator and this suggest with my traders that I should be making a LOT more but, this seems to be dependent on the leverage being at 100. I’ve tried adjusting my leverage for my trader/s but it says this only “indicative” and my actual leverage remains at 1.

Is leverage the key to my poor performance? If so, how do I adjust this properly so it actual does change to 100?

thanks for your advice!


When your public profile and your trade history is transparent trader will always be caution so they only trade a quality position only…once a day or like that…sometimes trader only enter with small lot only…my suggestion is you find an intraday trader who trade 2-3 times daily and with min bidding 0.10 lot. the profit coming from there would be much higher.

:grin: I’m new trader here and looking for investor…i would like to invite you to invest with me…if you interest please let me know. you can test my skill as a fund manager before you invest on anything. please see my track record from link below:


@DM2001620F Try Investment Reward . However, patience is a key factor.

Recommended Settings


You will need $600 to copy all Trader’s positions with 1 micro lot each and 100:1 leverage.


You will need $600 to copy all Trader’s positions with 100% ratio and 100:1 leverage.

Best of luck.