Close negative Trades, other Day , new Chance, not Gambling


We start this Week 28.01 with 141.8 Pips and end of Week we have 238.3 Pips…

This morning we close the Trades at BE in order to avoid dangerous market, we have already enough Pips…

Back on Monday morning

Regards, wish always Green Pips



We will appreciate if you maintain one thread for your trader account.
Please avoid creating a new one every time.

Thanks in advance!


Great job Green Pips


Regular i close negative Trades if we have enough Profit.


Im very sad, because of Srver Disconnection to ZULU i miss 6 Trades with 30 Pips…have ask Staff and now is reconnect


We stop all negative Trades Today, Trading is no Gaming. We dont hold Trades over Days. Other Day , other Chance…



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Hi there!

This sound interesting! Why don’t you join our platform as a Trader? It would be great!
What do you think?



Yes, sound interesting. New Trader for ZULU?