Commodities and CFDs (indices)


Anyone know if signal providers can trade DOW, US30, AUXUSD, GLD, DAX, USOIL etc?

My master account has been trading these tremendously well recently but these trades are not showing up on my open / closed trades and followers are not receiving them. Really good to have this option for scalping out of drawdowns and to capture pips.

Here’s what the profits look like:


anyone know? @ZuluTradersDesk ?


Hello OTB!

Have you linked this account on the platform?
Are you trading those instruments from ?



Yes these DOWUSD / US30 CFD trades are being opened on the same master account with Mt Cook, but they are not being copied or recognized on this system / trading profile. Only the NZDUSD, USDTRY, USDZAR, USDJPY trades are being displayed and copied.
See my master account for proof.


Yes, on such great platform abilities to use such common things like topicstarter listed should be really commong things as well, like one year have passed since that message or even more, are they fixed yet already for all that matter ? Please post.