consistent and stable growth, profit every month


Hey guys,

I run several profitable systems here on ZT. Still building up a track record, but wanted to introduce my account that’s currently ranked the best at nr 444. Not yet in Europe ranking, but will get there in the coming weeks.

==> <==

This system is pofitable with flat stakes (check out pips curve) and even more so if you follow pro-rata (we scale into trades using position sizing with defined risk parameters).

Additional currency pairs were added in February, which significantly improved profitability.

Check out the equity curve and performance so far:


How long have you comed to results like that ? I mean it’s like $1k per month in average, that is very good result. And you started with like how much to come to that ? Few hudreds or more of dollars ? Anyway I congratulate you here with results like that;)


Hey buddy, I started with $5,000 on this account. Thank you for your nice words…hopefully I will be able to get some followers soon :slight_smile:


I liked how you get profitable consistently with just few mistakes over all period. Is this your first time experience or you already have done some trades in the past ? Do let me know please. Have you considered some longer period trades at all or not ?