Daily Profit Master - $1000 to $1 Million Trajectory on Top Strategy


Dear Zulu Trade users! We are happy to announce that at long last we have our strategy


has earned the position as a Top Strategy following the outstanding performance of over 40 percent profit or ROI and over 90%, win rate for their investors.

already enjoying many happy returns on their investments.

Our EA is designed for short-medium-, and long-term profits on solely EUR/USD, and with the excellent trading environment provided by Zulutrade we believe a long-term trajectory of turning $1000 into $100K and $1 million within 2-3 years as a possibility.

However, within the short and medium, some of our existing investor have used our strategy as a daily source of income, and both investors are welcome on our Zulutrade package.

The algorithms take care of everything and set trades including risk management.

Recommended Setting: Please use 0.01 lot as initial lot size. Then follow you may follow the default Pro-Rata, and then with more than 100% Pro-Rata later on, as you may choose.

The minimum capital to start on 500:1 leverage

The key and important features to note are as follows:

Account type: Make sure your account type supports hedging
-EA is programmed for small trades, giving investors with $1000 to set their account to Zulu Trade Default. [Some Investors on our other existing platform(s) away from Zulutrade start their copy trade with as little as $100]
-Accuracy of signals is about 90%
-Max open orders usually less than 20 at all times, and orders are closed generally within 24 hours

Finally, the following key questions usually asked by investors are answered below.

How can your followers get the best by your strategy?

It is important that positions are left to play out without interference. There are days where turbulence and volatility on the market may lead to the system taking more positions to maximise profit potential over a 24hour period. Again, when that happens, there may be a period of high negative floating profit, yet there is no need to panic or pause trades. From our experience waiting and allowing things to play out, usually can turn trades in the investors favour. In effect, those days can most of the time return good profit in the end.

What do I do when there is the occasional bad trade?

You won’t get that many, but when that happens, feel normal about it. This is because our strategy is placed to produce good trades thereafter, and hopefully with greater returns

Finally, if you could give some advice for the aspiring traders out there, what would it be?

Our strategy works best when it is a standalone. I will therefore advice against Combo copying.

Also, stay calm on volatile and turbulent days. Though those days may bring temporal dip in their profits. However, returns that follow within 24 to 48 hours can be very encouraging. Just stay calm, and not panic.

We are delighted and look forward to welcoming you on board as our investor.

Happy Trading