Does Ranking System relies on Amount Following?


Hi all,

I am new to socail trading platforms such as Zulu.

My question is regarding how the Ranking System works here.
I can see Traders with only 2 to 3 weeks history but because they have followers they are being shown in top 25 - 50 although there might be other traders perform much better than them (but they lack of investors following them).

So, I think if this is the case it is not fair! I just need to double before keep trading here with no chance to be on the top without followers!

Happy Weekend all.

Thank you


Yes the ranking system here is severely flawed.
Similar to the ranking system on signalstart.

The ranking algorithm needs serious re-construction.
Factoring more on Performance Metrics such as: Sharpe Ratio, Omega Ratio, Pain to Gain Ratio, Colmar Ratio, and Profit Factor.
Rewarding strategies that have longer track records and equity balances over $3000 or higher.