Elite my trading strategy 1662 pips in 12 weeks


hi everyone I’d like to introduce my trading
strategy. I’m live from more then 3 months on this account with 1662 pips and dd lower the 30%


the main purpose is Opening trade using day trend line.
when trades go to the wrong direction the strategy
will open same direction position to specific level of prices depending on coins traded it’s not a scalping system the target is 300-500 pips at month
max dd arround 30% with the current sets.
max trades open at the same time 8

I decided to share my way to trade using this nice platform
I will post every day a comment of past day trading session in the social channel of account page.
I hope you will like it



closing the week with 23 pips friday and 114 pips total this week we didn’t intercept any strong trend appart from chf paired with eur and the usd
anyway no risky and good profit :sunglasses: see you next week enjoy the we