Emerald Trader - GBPUSD as of 12/22/2018


Hello everyone,

My strategy is based on strong buy or strong sell market signals, similar to trend trading. I also uses Bolinger Bands, and Accelerator Oscillator together to assist finding the direction of the Bulls and Bears market. Using M30 and H1 as the base of the time frame for trading.

A little rough starts at first, but once I refined my strategy, the profits keeps coming in.

Overall Trading results - USD:

Overall Trading results - Pips:


Always makes sure you do your research before following any trader.

Thank you in advance for following my trades.

I will post weekly results once a week!

Emerald Trader


My performance from 12-2 to 12-7. From -$25.25 to $591.53. Pretty good week I would say. But you can be the judge of that.

Until next week. :slight_smile:


I am having a great day today.


@PROFITMASTERFX, I don’t denied that I was having problem with my original strategy and how I trades in the beginning. I was, at the time, only opened 1 trade per pair (not like other whom open multiple trades that can recovered from DD), maximum of 4 trades to be exact. But once I figured out what my mistakes was and made correction and as of last week, the trends of my trades are in positive. And BTW, I am not afly by night traders that comes today and gone tomorrow. I am here to stay and make due.

P.S. If anyone think that I am a bad trader, don’t follow me. As I have stated in most of my post, always do your research before you follows anyone.


After reading you intro I find it great you are “Taking control” many put their fate in others hands but have no choice, I see you are taking the initiative.
The picture on the profile never reflects the “history” as trades are missed, my recent “Dream Account” had such a poor profile but the history painted a very different picture, ZT have added the switcher from pips to profit and this makes things look very different.
I wish you well on your journey, I think in the main, if your account is profiting then any contribution from ZT investors is a bonus, it would not be without doubt that diversification from my own account to invest as well as trade is definitely the way to go, however, I would not appreciate someone loosing my hard earned, lol, good luck


Understandable, and Thank you,


This week performance. 12-9 to 12-15. Not as good as last week, but I’ll take that anytime. :smiley:


Took a loss this week, market was going against what I thought would be. Did recovered a bit but not enough to make profits.

As of next week, I am changing from JPY major pairs to GBPUSD only with max trades of 16. Concentrating on 1 pairs vs 5 pairs to be better focus on getting better profits.


So far so good after switching to GBPUSD. Looking changing default TP from 150 pips to 50 pips, but still undecided.

Emerald Trader


Did better last week with the gain of $197.62. this week is coming along well too.


Managed to gain $257.80 this past week with all the roller coaster of the market. Hopefully it will be better next week.


Updated strategy, with lot size increased to 1.0.

My Strategy is based on strong buy and strong sell, trend trading base. I will be trading using 15 minutes time frames with all trading pairs. Scalping will be part of my strategy. There will be both buy and sell orders for the same pair at some point in time, if direction changed to scalp profits to your benefits.