EURUSD Trend Reversals


My trading system uses a trend reversal technique to catch the up and down price swings in the EURUSD Forex pair. Check it out


Hello, i looked that you have shared more than 10 differents systems, but i remember that zulu only allow 10 systems registered with only one mail. So, does Zulu allow more than 10 systems in the same mail? Or what did you do? Thank you


@Doctor_Administrador: ZuluTrade permits you to register another e-mail to showcase your strategies. However, the rule is that the strategies must be unique. Otherwise, ZuluTrade can penalize you for the abuse of multiple e-mail facilities.

Best wishes to you and to everyone in the new year 2021.


I am trading trend reversals with the EUR/USD Forex pair. I am now using the classic compensation plan. Check my results


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You are talking about very profitable strategy, you might have not seen mine :slight_smile: how does my strategy look to you and how would you call this one way into the sky moneymaker strategy :hugs::star_struck:


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