EvolvesTrade - because trading is a marathon not a sprint


EvolvesTrade - because trading is a marathon not a sprint

Dear All,

We are proud to present EvolvesTrade, a night scalper system without dangerous strategy (martingale, averaging, grig, etc.). This system is designed with emphasis on minimizing risk and exposure to ensure longevity and robustness. This system trades 8 currency pairs during the night session.

Signal Name: NyMR currently top ranks in autotrade

Below are some of the features:

  • Risk management: All pairs are traded at 3% risks (except eurnzd 7%). Each trade is independent of each other, no new order of the same pair will be opened until the previous order has been closed.

  • Dynamic TP, Fixed SL: All trades are covered with fixed stop-loss (3% risk,except EURNZD), but TP is Dynamics, i.e., TP is set at the maximum pip distance, and will eventually shifted closer to entry price as time passes to limit exposure.

  • Order expiry timer: if an open trade does not close for a very long period of time (10-12 hours), it will be closed automatically to avoid unnecessary exposure;

  • Low correlation currency pairs: more diversification, lesser risk, and more robustness. Usually only 2-4 currency pairs are traded at the same time;

  • VIX and News filter: added protection with VIX filter to avoid trading in high volatility market condition;

  • Live-tested and designed for long-term strategy, we have live-tested a number of strategies for extended period of time (over 3 years) and picked out the most robust and stable pairs/strategy and combined into this portfolio.

we do not trade during new year (last 2 weeks of Dec till 2nd week of Jan) and Major Events (eg. elections)

Please note that this is a long-term strategy. The goal is to survive the market with acceptable risk and returns. Full stop loss hit, though very rare, is inevitable; as you can see in the beginning of the signal (2 full Stop loss in Feb 2021 and 3 Full Stop Loss in March 2021). However, the system will eventually recover and achieve new heights.

The target growth is 30% per year, and target drawdown is below 20%.

This system will not make you rich in a few months, but it will give you consistent growth. We already have 10 months of trading history as proof of stability.

Our profile: http://www.zulutrade.com/trader/416796


over 1 year live performance with 12% drawdown and continuing to reach new heights!


You are welcome. The rank is nice.