Existing account in registration


Is it possible register already existing broker account? Thank you


I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.



You are able to connect your live account either your are an Investor or Trader.
Just follow the steps of the registration and you will get the instructions.

Naturally you can go at our support and ask for more info.

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I have migrated my trade history and real / live account with Mt Cook already, and even though only 3 of 18 months total of my trade history is being displayed on my new Zulu profile / has been migrated, I do know that they accept already existing accounts with certain brokerages.

But my question from @ZuluTradersDesk is do you accept already existing MT4 trading accounts from brokers NOT on your list?

  1. HotForex
  2. Darwinex
  3. AxiTrader – on account registration webpage there was only one server as an option to select in the dropdown box?? The server my MT4 account uses with them is “Axi-Trader-US888” but I could not make this selection to migrate this other strategy I manage with them.


Hi OutsidetheBoxHK!

We know your issue regarding your history. We will take care of this.
About connectivity, it’s difficult to connect no supported brokers.
However, we will check if we can add the AXITRADER server.
We will get back to you by email.