false historique of trades


Hello this trader https://fr.zulutrade.com/trader/380630/trading?t=10000 gave trades that ended losing during his last days on CURRENCY (gbpusd). How is it that there is no record of his losses in his trade history. This leads us into errors, because when we follow a trader it is mainly because of its history that we believe to be true. However, if you only show his winning trades and not his losing trades, you make false advertising to push us to invest, and it is a serious offense. I think that zulutrade support must absolutely look at the history of this trader as quickly as possible and update it before a complaint is lodged against ESMA for false advertising. This trader took a position for sale on GBPUSD, and on Friday October 25th he was negative at least 288 pips, and today, while this market has not moved, the open position has gone out of his account, and it does not even appear in the history. The loss of this trade should have been in history but it does not appear anywhere, and this is the second time that happens with this trader. I therefore conclude that the problem comes from ZULUTRADE. So I will ask you to update the history of this trader, before a complaint is sent to you, to ESMA for false advertising, and believe me that I will be able to provide clear evidence with videos and screenshot. And you can be sure that it does not generate a second to punish you and TAX YOUR COMPANY. In view of the billions you make, it’s not normal that zulutrade can still make the same errator in the history of its traders. Especially when it is followed by thousands or even millions of dollars



We certainly investigate the case you are reporting. There is no way that this happens on purpose. Perhaps there is a technical issue where we will resolve it for sure.
We really appreciate your feedback on this.



Hello again!

The issue has been fixed. There was a technical problem with the Trader’s MT4 but everything is updated now.


Good day,

Can you provide more details on what happened here?



Hello @Stefan_Ferreira!

The Trader’s account was disconnected and there were no feed for those trades.
When the connection was restored, then everything were up automatically again. There was already an open technical ticket for this.