FlexibleFX Signal - Increase Your Capital Safely & Steady!


Dear followers and traders,

FlexibleFX Signal is designed to trade even for the $100 millions fund.
To increase your capital Safely & Steady, it works very professional way.

FlexibleFX is a grid based system with extraordinary risk management policy as well as very high profit potential. The reward is very higher than the risk. It uses a Flexible Grid methodology (unlike conventional grid) with a proper risk management. Also it has adaptability with the market condition. Very low floating draw down possible by this system. Spread, little slippage & execution speed can be negligible for measuring the system performance.

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Basic Info:
Strategy - Trend following & range survival
System style - Swing
Operation type - Mixed (Manual & Automated)
Ideal balance - $10,000 / $5000
Lot size: 0.01 (for $10K/$5K balance)
Trading pair: GBPJPY

Past 10 years BackTest Statistics (GBPJPY):
No. of trades: 6426
Total PIPS: 653490
Success rate: 58%
Avg. win: 267.60 PIPS
Avg. loss: -124.92 PIPS
Avg. trade length: 6d
Profit factor: 2.94
Max drawdown: 8.5K PIPS
Profitable months: 71%
Profitable years: 100%

How to entry position:
I just start the initial position manually by measuring the market condition. Rest of positions are opened by triggering the pending orders which is defined the EA.

Step 1 __ I have a set of defined rules for opening BUY or SELL entry. If I need to open BUY position then I calculate the key resistance levels / trend changing zone manually and to open SELL position then calculate the key support levels / trend changing zone manually.

Step 2 __ After calculating market levels, I set the EA properties. The Gird GAP is variable depending on market range or volatility. It can be 10 pips to 100 pips.

Please see below a screenshot of the EA __

Screenshot_1 !

Step 3 __ I just open the first position manually. Rest of positions are opened by the EA. The EA opens the BUYSTOP, BUYLIMIT or SELLSTOP, SELLLIMIT according to the initial position and grid GAP. Please note that Max 2 pending orders are opened at a time.

Risk management and money management:
I strongly maintain the risk management policies. For this system the recommended ideal balance is $10K or $5K. If lower balance, then I increase the grid GAP size. There are some key risk management that I follow strictly. Please note that my 1100 pips equivalent to 1% P/L . Here are my risk manage policies:

  • Max 1000-1500 pips risk whatever the number of opened positions. Generally 1000-2000 pips risk per week.

  • Alternatively, 2500 pips equity loss protection by the EA during the accidental condition such as lost internet connection or PC down before setting SL. The EA is running on a VPS server.

  • As soon as market go to the favour on about 200 pips or more or hold in strong support or resistance level, then the SL is updated into the nlnp (no-loss-no-profit) level.

  • Also the EA can protect the SL hunting event.

Please see below a image of risk management policy __

How to exit positions:
This is a trend following system and hunting to take very high reward vs risk. Therefore, there is no fixed closing point. This system try to catch as much long trend as it is possible. I manually close the positions using some technical indicators.

Risk vs Reward example:
I mentioned above my risk is fixed (1000-1500 pips) and reward is variable & very much higher than the risk. Profit potential increases at exponential rate but keep the risk max (1000-1500 pips) to 0 pip. Say, if the market goes on my favour 1000 pips where GAP size is 15 pips, then profit potential would be about 33% profit from that move.

How to deal with flash crash event:
According to my standard money management rule 1111 pips equivalent to 1% P/L. So far my personal experience and previous flash crash history max 300 pips slippage occurs during flash crash. Lets, calculate what would be the worse of this system if 300 pips slippage would occur.

Please see below the calculation of max worse loss __


So max worse case scenario -5635 pips / 1111 = 5% loss possible from 300 pips flash crash.

FlexibleFX Signal is my best creation of my 9 years of trading career. So far, I have researched a lot in order to developer innovative trading system. Proper risk management and better reward taking skill can beat the global currency market and I strongly believe my FlexibleFX Signal can do that perfectly.

Feel free to ask anything if you have any question.


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