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A number of people have been trying to reach me via my public profile. Unfortunately, due to IP restrictions that prevent me from replying, I am not able to reply directly to your requests. So, if you need to reach me, please use this forum to do so. Here are the answers to the most common questions:

  • What should my minimum deposit be? This YouTube video will explain how to determine this.
  • What should my lot size be? The video from the previous question will also answer this.
  • How many simultaneous open positions will you hold? There will never be more than 10 open positions at once.
  • What is the recommended leverage to use? I recommend 50:1. If you use high leverage and smaller deposits, your drawdown will be VERY high, but as long as you follow the guideline from the video above, you should be fine.

Also, please note that my strategy will have as many as 10 open positions at once. If you restrict the maximum open positions to less than 10, you will lose money in the long term.


It looks nice. However, you have not added your link in Forum. Please confirm that your link is:

In addition, kindly add your Strategy Description to your performance page. All the best, TonytheForexGuy.


Indeed that is my link. Sorry about that. Also, I updated my Strategy Description a few days ago and still waiting for it to be approved. I’m not sure why it’s taking so long.


Looks good so far Tony…just watched your video and will change my settings to suit now.