For more advanced following: Condition-based trailing stop-allowing much more conditions


I have an additional point, that sort of relates to my last post about synchronizing individual positions.
Using trailing stops obviously can be an interesting and strategical factor in which you have to balance security and giving enough wiggle room for profits to be able to unfold. A solution to this dilemma could be the use of different threshold levels. So far (I am speaking from experience with the mobile app) Zulutrade grants you to set one trailing stop condition, which is already pretty good. But let’s imagine 10. A whole new strategic dimension would emerge.
I guess we can all agree that it is really frustrating when I positive position turns negative. So what do you do, you tell the app “don’t let it drop below 3 pips, because I want the commision be paid for and at least be basically break even”. Currently you can do that by saying if profit hits seven pips activate trailing stop of 4 pips. Well you won’t make any losses with that after having been in the green, but 4 pips is just so tight that it won’t get you much further, but what if we could say, well if you make it to 15 with that 4 pips you can switch to 10 pips trailing and if you get to 20 you can switch to 15 and so on. So in case there is a large trend with some volatility to it you may be able to ride the wave all the way home still having the security that your position won’t go read.
I hope you get what I mean. I am sure the programming side for this should not be hard, since there already is the precedent of the one-condition function.

Thank you. Would love to see my two suggested functions soon.