Free service of analysing real trader's perormance.


Hi investors,

I’ve been using ZuluTrade’s Classic and Profit Sharing accounts for some time. Now I know how to assess trader’s real performance and to allocate suitable fund size as well as Pro-Rata rate.

I’m now giving FREE service for investors who want to know the above mentioned criteria for the traders whom they have chosen or intend to follow, in my way.

The FREE service I provide is the first stage of evaluating trader’s performance. The second stage is to evaluate what type of drawdown for a particluar trader is. Some traders can recover from larger floating losses and other traders’ larger drawdowns are usually hit by Stop Loss.

I also evaluate whether micro lot is viable for following them and adjust my allocated fund size as well as Fixed/Pro-Rata rate accordingly.

But the first stage is enough for screening out the oustanding ones.

Please follow these rules for my FREE service:

  1. This is a FREE service so don’t make decision solely on it. YOU are responsible for your OWN money.

  2. Don’t ask anything regarding my intention, background and assess method etc. I’m here to provide FREE service and not teaching.

  3. I’m here to providing FREE service for only ONE week until 6th of November 2020. Please don’t ask after that because I won’t have much time doing it.

  4. This is for manually choosing traders and setting up the follow rules so don’t ask if you want to follow Combo or Combo Plus.

  5. Each investor is allowed to ask only TWO traders they are most interested in or following. I won’t answer more than that for each investor.

  6. The maximum number of investors to be answered is FIVE persons. I won’t answer more than that.

  7. For investors wanted to ask, please provide these info:

(a). Trader’s name and his LINK so that I answer the right one.

(b). The allocated fund size (in USD) and Pro-Rata rate you are going to use. I’ll answer if it’s viable or not. I’ll give my calculated figures if you’ve no idea about it.

©. Which type of investors you are:

(i) Type A: Your fund size is quite large so you want to set it and forget it for at least six months. Current Maximum Drawdown of the trader will be 20% of your allocated fund.

(ii) Type B: Your fund size is moderate and/or you want to fully utilize your fund for following as many traders as possible. You will top up the allocated fund and continue to follow the trader when he hits a new Maximum Drawdown by Stop Loss .

(iii) Type C: You will stop following the trader once he hits new Maximum Drawdown and wipes off all your allocated fund (ZuluGuard Capital Protection) but not the profit he made for you.

  1. Please don’t give feedback of following the traders based on my FREE service because there are too many criteria for a profitable investor’s portfolio. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for this extremely complicated trading/finance world. YOU are resposible for making all the decision, not me.

  2. You can give positive feedback if you think my FREE service sounds good or reasonable. Don’t give negative feedback because you have already made up your mind. Don’t ever think you are the only profitable investor in the world and everyone should follow yours. This is my topic so please let me talk to those who want to listen.

  3. Don’t ask me about who are the traders I’m following. I’d definitely adjust my portfolio from time to time.

  4. All figures is in the form of CASH/USD. No PIPS figure will be given because it’s the biggest mistake for an investor trying to assess trader’s performance by using Pips in calculation. If you like Pips figures, please don’t ask.

That’s all for the rules.

ZuluTrade can be a very profitable platform when you know the right way to manage your portfolio. Choosing right traders is only PART of it. I hope my little contribution can help some of the investors along their investment journey.


P/S: I’ll post a random pick trader as a sample for the FREE service later on.


Some advice for investors:

  1. Don’t follow more than ten investors in your portfolio. Five to ten traders are more than enough to make money for you. There is high chance of one or two traders dragging down your fund size drastically and wiping off the slowly accumulated profit in your portfolio, when you follow more than ten traders at the same time. There are not many excellent traders who can give you more than 200% yearly Cash ROI out there, or all your chosen ones are alike.

  2. If your fund size is more than enough than all the fund needed to follow all traders in your portfolio with 100% Pro-Rata rate, increase your Pro-Rata rate and allocated fund size for some or all of the traders and you can make more money than the traders themselves :wink:


As promised, below is a sample report for a random pick trader:

Trader’s name: Bear Vs Bull

Balance of trader’s account as at 2020-11-4 was A$772 with leverage of 500:1. It’s the 147th week in ZuluTrade.

For type A set-and-forget investor:

  1. Initial allocated fund (ZuluGuard Capital Protection) : A$500
  2. Chances of initial fund wipe out: less than 10%
  3. ROI:
    One year: 54%
    Six months: 33%
    Three months: 28%
    One month: 12%

For type B full force investor:

  1. Initial allocated fund (ZuluGuard Capital Protection) : A$200
  2. Chances of initial fund wipe out: about 30%
  3. ROI:
    One year: 135%
    Six months: 82%
    Three months: 71%
    One month: 31%

For type C hit-and-run investor:

  1. Initial allocated fund (ZuluGuard Capital Protection) : A$120
  2. Chances of initial fund wipe out: about 50%
  3. ROI:
    One year: 225%
    Six months: 137%
    Three months: 119%
    One month: 51%

The initial allocated fund was calculated based on one year Maximum Drawdown (Floating Losses) as at 2020-11-4. All ROI is in Cash term (AUD$), not in Pips. They were calculated with Pro-Rata rate of 100% and based on PnL for the trading period divided by initial allocated fund.

As you may notice, higher risk always brings higher reward. As an investor, we need to know what type of investor we are if we really want to be profitable in the long term.

P/S: Since ZuluTrade held off my post for few days, I’ll extend my FREE service to 13th November 2020.



@LIRN2064788F . The curve in the performance chart looks very nice and attractive. However, it can be observed that the total investors profit is negative as shown below. This is one of the variables that a prospective and experienced investor would check. What caused this negative total and how can it be avoided? Best wishes.


PnL for my account/portfolio as at 2020-11-11: