Funding forex accounts from Cambodia


Dear all traders in Cambodia. I wish to particularly know about funding forex accounts in Cambodia as I have had issues while making my deposit using visa debit card and wire transfer from my banks.

I wish to fund my accounts with AAAFx International or FinPro Trading. Have anyone in Cambodia used these brokers as I have found they have very low spread and low commissions.

If you happen to know other great online brokers, please share with me too and your bank so that I can open an account with that bank and fund my account.

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for any inconveniences.

Kind regards


From Australia, both credit and debit cards are now disallowed by banks due to silly banks regulations. Wire transfer is OK but quite a lot is lost due to banks commission, transfer fee and exchange rate.


If you really want to trade offshore look at PepperStone, however you’re better to stick with a SECC regulated broker for your protection within Cambodia.

For local Cambodian brokers I use Blackwell and BIC Markets. With BIC they will offer promotions similar to the offshore brokers.

Staying local also means easy deposit transfers and if you have any issues you can always visit the brokers office.