Funny logic of my rating


“TOTAL PROFIT: 8,815.3 pips. WINNING TRADES: 453 (100%). What else do you need for a lucky investment of your money?”:- I wanted to ask my potential investors. But I didn’t ask. You know why? Because there is a funny thing out there: Two days ago my zulu rating was 705 or something like that. After that I have earned over 455+ pips to my previous +8,351 pips and now it is +8,815 pips of profit. And finally my rating has become 797! Ha…ha… oops…focus-pocus of some kind of logic calculation! Hello,… anybody home? Could you, please, explain that type of logic? Anyway good luck to you all in finding your good, professional trader and to my colleagues traders- lucky trading routine! With respect: Daily Great Swings


“Demo account …” We know how the story ends.


Yes you are right: it is a demo. I really understand your concern about the demos. The only thing I can say is that since I already have several real accounts with other brokers (in russian rubles) I have decided just duplicate those signals to zulu demo account without opening a new real account with zulu. That all what I can say.


I’m not sure if you got my answer as I can’t see it. So I decided to respond to your comment again. Well, I fully understand your concerns about demo accounts. Most of them are complete sucks. The situation is that I already have several live accounts with other brokers. So I decided not to open a new account with Zulu, but simply to duplicate all my trades using a demo account with Zulu. Perhaps in the future I will open a real account specifically for Zulu, just for the greater confidence of my subscribers, but at the moment I will use a demo account. In the meantime, I can advise you to just monitor my account and my other posts and maybe you will like the way I trade. With respect: Daily Great Swings


You can drive perfectly in a parking lot, but its how you do on the highway that matters in Fund Management and Strategy Provision.
Get skin in the game and it’s totally different and real savvy investors will respect that you have something to lose as well as them.


Agree. What can I say? Only time and trading reports will show what kind of traders we are.


Some of the top ranked accounts are “Demo” accounts so the fact that you are trading with a demo account should not make much difference. Some entire countries, such as the USA, are not even allowed to have live accounts with Zulutrade so it is good that Zulutrade allows consistently good trading practices to determine ranking regardless of live or demo status.

Zulutrade ranking guidelines can be found here: zuluranking
Of course they don’t tell us the exact formula (otherwise it could be gamed) but I can tell you generally why you are not ranked higher.

One of many ways to check your stats is here: “Daily Great Swings” Stats

  • Your account has only been open for 27 weeks at this point. Trade well for longer and you may well continue to rise in the ranks.

  • Much more importantly, your maximum daily drawdown is currently at 48% (4.4K pips) which is sure to hurt your ranking significantly. On December 3rd 2018 you had multiple trades open that all added up to 4,408 pips so even though you closed them in profit that daily drawdown stat will stick with you. If you can get that daily drawdown to under 15% or better you’re rank will likely raise significantly. Assuming no higher daily drawdowns in the future you’ll need to reach 29,386pips profit to be at the 15% level.

I hope this helps and all the best in your journey!


Orbital_Dynamics, thanks a lot. That was helpful to read. Thank you for your kind wishes and good luck to you too!