Fx Sailing Weekly-Following instructions & Performance


Welcome to Fx Sailing Weekly trading!

Please spend some time to read carefully the following manual before you invest real accounts

This is a medium term conservative strategy for major currency pairs. We identify opportunities at the larger timeframes, and entering the market buying or selling the strongest vs weakest currencies. All trading is executed and managed manually through the MT4 platform. ( No EA’S).

If you decide to follow the signal, read the money managment section carefully and make sure you have understand everything about it before you invest real money. Once you agree with the money managment, you have to commit 100% to the trades and not intervene. If you do so, you alternating the strategy to something else which is no longer the original signal and the most probable is that you will lose money. You can make this strategy more conservative if you wish, to fit your personal risk tolerance by reducing the suggested lot sizing. I suggest the maximum safe lot sizing, so you can set it lower than that, but never higher.

How to safely follow the strategy:

Money managment is key determinant factor for generating positive results so i suggest that you follow 100% the risk managment described. Its your own responsibility to adjust the lot size according to the rules given bellow. So, my job is to do the trading and your only job is just to set up your lot sizing properly.

Maximum open positions:
There will be up to 4 open trades at the same time

Maximum drawdown:
The maximum drawdown will be 6% for each one of these positions, so the max theoritical drawdown of all 4 open positions can be maximum 24% but no more,as hard stops are always used in every trade.

Hard stop loss:
The stop loss can vary from 2% to 6% and it depends from our entry level and what looks as a good buffer for the trade to breathe. Notice that stop loss is counted in $ and not pips and the reason is that every pair doesn’t have the same value per pip.

As an example, a move of 100 pips in EUR/GBP is 129.76$ but a move of 100 pips in EUR/NZD pair is
only 67.49$!! So imagine that you win a 100 pip trade in EUR/NZD (67.49) and you lose a 70 pip trade in EUR/GBP (90.80$)
Guess what! You will have gained 30pips on your account but you will have lost - 23,31$ !!
So i suggest you start to think in terms of dollars instead of pips for this strategy as it trades all the currencies not just the eur/usd.

Risk managment and position sizing:
As each investor has a different account balance, different set up must be done on the lot sizing, so every investor risks the same % of his/her account, regardless if the account is a small 300$ or a fat 100,000$. As your account growes you can increase accordingly the lot size, or if you withdraw your profits, you must again diminish your lots properly.

For the X amount you will invest in this strategy we will risk 6% per trade or 24% for all 4 open trades.

Example 1)
An investor has a 1:100 account and 2500$ available for this strategy only.

The maximum risk per trade should be 6% of the 2500$ which is 150$. To achive this, one must set 0.1 lots per trade to follow the strategy. That way if all 4 positions are open, 0.4 lots in total, the max drawdown will be 600$.

Example 2)

An investor has a 1:100 account and 850$ available for the strategy.
Again, the maximum risk per trade should be 6% (51$) so the individual investor should set his/her account at 0.03 lots per trade, ( 0,12 lots when all 4 positions are open)

I will help any investor that has trouble setting up the correct lot sizing and make the calculations for him. You can easily do it yourself though using this calculator

-Set your account currency
-The balance
-Set 6 at the %risk
-Set 150 stop loss
-let the default eur/usd, hit calculate and see the appropriate lot sizing

By doing this set up properly, the % of drawdown will be the same to all investors and safe enough to follow the strategy.

Important : You should follow the strategy with fixed data mode and adjust the lot sizing by yourself as mentioned.

I don’t give great importance on the amount of profits, as my main concerne is risk managment and cut loses. The amount of profits are not so important .The important thing is the stability of the strategy in the long run, and then returns can be huge.
But to give a median objective return, that is around 200-300 pips per month.
Now you can convert these pips to the pip value of your proper lot sizing and find out what money this will be.

You can withdraw your profits when ever you want, but then you will have to set up again your lot sizing according to instructions given.

Any questions will be gladly answered.

As someone said," trading is a marathon not a sprint".


Fx Sailing Weekly


Not bad so far. Let’s see how well you do in the next 9 - 10 weeks. Good luck.


Thanks Emerald, yes, time will tell:)


Three nice trades from last night , now, riding risk free


Just closed another nice trade for 30 pips. USD is bought across the board but CHF is not giving up for now, so we booked some nice pips at Wendesday’s resistant. Price might flight more but as it is Friday , no more risks! Happy weekend:)


Tracking…from my test account :wink:


Performance so far, currently ranked at the 316 position worldwide.


That’s all so far , unless a very obvious trading opportunity appears, next trade will be next year:)

November 387.2 pips
December 273.6 pips


Happy new year!

First 2 weeks of 19’ have put under test many traders with very volatile and unpredictable conditions. ( flash crash and Brexit).
These are my results so far, i ll soon post a detailed money managment manual for those who wish to follow the strategy.

Currently ranked at the 264th position


Closing the week with +84.6 pips
Considering a starting balance of 2500$, the Maximum drawdown so far, has only get to 6.86% (171.65$) on January 8th. Detailed instructions for following this strategy are on the first post of this thread.


Thank you very much, I have been looking for this info. I’m looking forward to smooth sailing at 6% risk for a long long trip :sunglasses:


Thanks, next week it wil be the 12th week of trading, so i think anyone will be able to follow the strategy.


Commentary on last week’s results.

As i always use a stop loss, our CAD/CHF trades were hit at a loss. I utilized the full potential of stop loss at the first trade which was hit at -6% and the second one at -2%. That was a good example of trades going totally against us and the way they are managed.

CAD outperformed almost every currency, it didnt not even gave a pullback to exit the trades a a better price. Although CAD/CHF was lost , several other trades gave back 120 pips or 4.8% so we are only 3.2% down from the recent higher high of our equity qurve.
Accepting losses are part of every succesful strategy. Next week we are looking for new opporunities.


Looks like Zulutrade algorithm likes my trading style, already holding the 64th position in Europe, and 87th globaly.
We are flat so far in 2019, but have managed to be stable and not loose any previous gains which i consider a win. I am optimizing the strategy for the current market conditions which seem to be the deal at the present time.
Another thing is that from now on only positive swap pairs will be traded. That alone will give as an additional edge!
Have a nice weekend


Although yesterday was a nice example of how trading is managed when news go totally against our trades, today 2 positions closed in profit and the 2 remaining positions of usd/chf look like they will soon close in profit. Additionally we gain rollover for holding them! At a bad occasion like yesterday, the strategy once again proved to be reliable within the risk % provided in the description.


We had a great start for month March winning 359+ Pips, and have already hit the montly target in the first week only! January and February were rough months for trading, but the strategy proved to perform well even in these conditions.

Daily drawdown has reached the 12.56% of the suggested starting balance ( 2500$ for 0.1 lot and 1:100 accounts), strategy allows a 24% as the maximum drawdown. At the day of the drawdown though the balance was about 3000$ due to previous winnings so the actual drawdown was even less.

Notice in the following pic how profit line has exceeded the clοsed trades line:wink:


We are up again in new highs on our equity curve. Unfortunately the false bullish brake out on EUR/USD caused a drawdown on our sell positions which now makes the account invisible from EU ranking. We are still are at the top #71 worldwide though. and will soon be avalilable at EU when 1400 pips are reached ( now at 1314 pips).

The drawdown was within the 24% maximum allowed and it got to 9.5% for accounts that would have follow from the first trade, and would have profit so far.
For accounts that had just followed with the recommended money management, the drawdown would have been 13.28% which is again far from the max drawdown allowed. Have a great weekend !


why don’t you trade everyday ? it doesn’t make me feel to follow you but you are a great strategic trader. If you’d improve trading every day or at least 3 times in a week, would be great. If not, it means your followers would be few or have other followers to focus on leaving you out cuz everyone wants to make a dollar a day even if not a huge one but at least something


My strategy depends on market conditions which do not occur every day. For that reason is suited for investors that are more long term oriented than the intraday type of investor/trader. If you search around the zulu traders, you will see that i have the same gains but with much more less trades. Few trades is actually bad for the trader and good for you the investors because you pay less commisions!
Good luck!


First investors are following the strategy succesfully! I calculate the extra pip (commision) and the slippage in any trade i take so the results will be positive. The strategy will soon be available to EU investors as well.
Currently ranked to #75 worldwide.