Greatest Lessons Learned in Forex


What are the greatest lessons that you have learned in Forex as a Trader or an Investor? Kindly post them here so that others can learn from your experience. I will also post some of my experience under this topic.

Since everybody likes to avoid the mistakes of the past and some mistakes can result in serious setbacks, this topic, I believe, will be useful to many people.

Thank you for your interest.


One of the lessons I have learned in Forex as a trader is that if possible, don’t trade manually but use an automated system to avoid emotional interventions. However, it is difficult to get a 100% continually profitable automated system with low draw-down, but I believe it is possible.

As an investor, having lost money in Forex, I learned to trade by myself and strive to produce a system that is successful and profitable, so I can follow the same system confidently to make profit. Furthermore, if the system is good for me, it will be good for others.


As a trader or an investor, don’t ever think the market will always move in your favor or in the direction your opened positions. It may never. If it does, you may have lost all your money due to margin call or destroy your good trading account or become frustrated to abandon your trading account with huge opened losses before the market price returns in your direction. Sometimes, it can take years before the price returns. Therefore, always use a stop loss. A good trading system should survive and be profitable on the long term with reasonable stop loss.

This is one of the lessons I have learned. It comes as an advice.

Please share your experience. It will help others.