¡Greetings from Spain! JM Traders


Dear friends,

We are 2 traders (J and M) working together from Spain. After years of investingating Forex markets we have developed a basket of expert advisors to trade different forex pairs. As we are 2 people you can have the confidence that we are taking decisions as a team, not as an individual.

We trade from a REAL account with responsible money management, so you can have the confidence that we risk our capital as you do. This gives you the possibility to follow us using the same portion of account balance.

Our main target: LOW Draw Down

We trade in the short term, but focused in the long term.

We have like to look for relevant trading levels where to find a trend change or trend continuity. We trade both scalping and swing strategies,

We WILL NOT open multiple trades in the same pair and same strategy.
We WILL NOT open a trade (or multiple trade) to win 3 o 4 pips risking 100 or 200 for each trade.
We are not this kind of traders.

We are responsible, dinamyc, open minded, and conscious about trading and money management. We want to be here for long term.

Our trading is mainly short term, we use 5M charts for scalping and 1H/4H for swing trading. Trades could be open from some minutes/hours to 3/5 days. We usually prefer not to hold open trades during the weekend. MAX OPEN TRADES: 10.

We have different systems working with a combination of this kind of thechnical analysis: Price action, volatility indicators, momentum, order flow analyses, fibonacci retracements, pivot points, moving averages, trend oscillators, volume indicators and candlestick patterns.

We invite you to follow as at: https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383277/trading

Example of a trade done today:

Trading account connected to Zulutrade is being monitored at MyFxBook:


Hi there guys…just some constructive feedback. If you have not defined the risk % of each trade and your sum % of the open trades and you mention a generic “low drawdown” , you will not be able to win in the long run-trust me on this. I say this with good intention , i dont mean to be bad wih you:). So tell me if i want to follow you, what % of my money will you risk per trade. 1%? 3%? /…10%??? how much?

By the way i am also a trader here currently at 73 rank worldwide. Good luck!


Hello FxSailing_Weekly,

thanks for your feedback. We have definied the risk for each trade, wich could be a maximum of 1%, generally would be between 0.5% and 1%. As we don’t have multiple trades in the same pair, usually this is the total risk for each strategy.

The draw down dependens absolutely not only on the maximum risk per trade, but also of the number of trades in different pairs opened in different time intervals. The risk of draw down is not the same with 2 trades and with 4 trades, that’s why we define generically “low draw down”



We finished our second week at Zulutrade.

We did 18 trades (won 72%)

Profit: +127 pips, wich represents +1.1% in terms of capital.

Our maximum global Draw Down until now was 0.70%

Happy weekend!!


During this week (from 25th march) our system has traded these trades:

The last trade was a SELL EURUSD in 5 minutes chart, closed with +12 pips just before the rebound.

We continue working to complete our 3rd week here at zulutrade.

Best regards!
JM Traders


Dear colleagues and followers,

today, friday 29th march, we are reaching our 3rd week at zulutrade. Off course it not enough time yet to take a conclusion, but it has been a good week for us


Hello collegues and followers,

we have reached our 3rd week here at zulutrade. This week has been positive por us. During this 5 days we have done:
16 trades
+132 pips
93% success rate.


Dear friends,

3 weeks completed succesfully at zulutrade.

In terms of capital and money management:



Good morning everybody! :smile:

Today we have traded 2 trades in GBPUSD SELL:


With these unique 2 trades the strategy achieved the Daily Profit, as you can see in myfxbook stats:

The point is that you don’t need to open multiple trades (10, 20, 30…) in the same pair and same direction, as this kind of strategy would be very risky for followers in case the markets doesn’t move in the expected direction. So, it’s better to control the risk, to go step by step in order to be a successful trader in the long run.

This is our main target: success in the long term. If you are looking for the same we are happy to go together: JOIN US



¡Good evening everybody!

Today by the morning we have published a little update about 2 trades done by the morning in GBPUSD. During the day we have done some additional trades, and “suffered” a little before to finally have the movement in GBPUSD.

Here you can see a screenshot of today’s trades:

As always, money management is the most important for us (more important than the pips, and more important than the win ratio). In terms of capital we have done +0.87% (+68 pips with 0.01 lots) always mantaining the current maximum draw down in -0.70%:

Our main target is to success in the long term. If you are looking for the same we are happy to go together: JOIN US


J & M


¡Fresh news!

Ranking has been updated recently today. The JM’s strategy achieved position #355, which makes us to be even more focus doing good and responsible trading with low draw down.

Something else, it seems that soon the ranking algorithm will take in consideration the initial capital:



Another positive day for our strategy. From the below screenshot you should only extract the next conclusion:
When the strategy uses Stop Loss, it’s normal to have negative trades, and sometimes even to have some consecutive negative trades.

Today EURUSD and GBPUSD have been moving up and down with high volatility.

In terms of Money Management, this is the current situation in the real account:
Gain: 6%
Current DD in capital: 0.70%
Win ratio: 67%

Check our profile here.


Wednesday 03/04/2019 finished.

40 additional pips, wich means in terms of capital a +0.44% in the real accout used to generate signals trough Zulutrade.

Maximum draw down suffered continues being 0.7%.

In terms of Money Management our recommendation for followers is choose same lot size that we use:
0.01 lots for each $500

This configuration assures a low DD, and a lon term focused money management, less sensitive to daily flucations, and profitable in the long run.



Hello friends,

today thursday 04/04/2019 we ha continued trading in the same way, focusing in the same: risk control, and DD control, using stop losses, and executing them when touched.

Today we have done 5 trades: 4 positive and 1 negative

We have achieved 602 pips.
Current Draw Down: 32 pips

But most important than the pips, is the money management of our real account:
Gain: +6.74%
Max Draw Down: 0.70%
Win ratio: 68%
Average Win: 13.79 pips
Average Loss: -8.65 pips


Dear friends,

during this week we have completed 4 weeks in Zulutrade. Let’s make a little summary about the strategy during this period:

Performance (Pips): 570
Performance (Capital growth): +6,59%
Max draw down (Pips): -64 pips
Max Draw Down (Capital): -1,61%
Trades: 110
Winning ratio: 66%
Max Open Trades: 4

For this project it’s so important for us to manage a real account, and to make a real money managemnt according to the available capital, and multiple risks. That’s why we have increased the capital from 500€ to 1000€ and the lot size from 0.01 to 0.02.

The idea to trade a Live account is to give the possibility to our future followers to trade in a pro-rata basis.

As you can see after 1 month it’s going well. let go step step, making a responsible trading and responsible money management.



Dear friends,

today both J & M have lived our best day here in Zulutrade one month trading our strategy. We had a very profitable day trading trading a combination of EURJPY and USDJPY opened yesterday and closed today.

Additionally we have traded USDCAD during the asian session. Finally we have shorted EURUSD and GBPUSD during the european session.

TOTAL: 152 pips

Money management tip
As you maybe already know we are managing a real account with real money management and risk control, so we define the lot size according to the account balance and risk per trade.

Note that the EURJPY was traded with 0.02 lots, however the USDJPY was traded simultaneously with 0.01. This has a reason: to trade with lower volume to avoid being overexposed to JPY during asian session.

What means in a real account +152 pips profit when managing an account with responsible money management. Here it goes the answer: +1,95% in the day.

We would like to insist in this idea: it has no sense to talk about pips, but only about capital. We manage capital, not pips, so whatever we decide it has to be focused from capital point of view.

+1.95% in one day is something very hard to achieve in terms of capital. Imagine, a long term investor would be extremely happy with an annual return of 10-15%. This is our point: to trade always focusing on capital protection, and risk control, never in the “potential” quantity of pips to win.

We are 2 traders working together, J and M, both with more than 10 years trading forex.

You can check our profile here: https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383277/trading


Thanks for your frequent updates!



Thank goodness someone else is emphatically focusing on the same as I have said repeatedly on this platform. Capital - based risk management & capital based trade plan & capital-equity-based performance metrics in order to determine success and skill in trading.


Dear friends,

this week we have reached 5 weeks here at Zulutrade, and e have something interesting to share with you: during this week we have received our first follower with an investment of $6000.

We want to send a big THANK YOU to Mr. FXOE1906774F, because of his confidence in our work. We are sure this is the beginning of our partnership. ¡We will do our best!

A part of this we have achieved new highs in our strategy, making during April an extra 400 pips, so until now we have done +839 pips in Zulutrade with a Max Draw Down of -163 pips.

Best regards!

J & M



Today 17/04/2019, after 5 weeks trading, we are achieving a performance of +1000 pips, with a Draw Down of -163 pips

This is our curve of capital of the real account, audited with MyFXBook:

Best regards.
J & M Traders