High profit strategy


Hi all!
Here You can see high profit strategy - http://www.zulutrade.com/trader/409215 Earned more than 100% per only 6 weeks, and DD less than 15%. Important - to follow this strategy, You need at least 3500 usd free margin in Your account. Trade only Ger30, therefore You need high free margin.



This was another great trading week. I earned more then 270 pips per week with really small DD. Going only up and up!


Another great trading week has passed! I earned more than 600 pips per week!
ROI reach almost 140% per only 8 weeks.


And again I had a very profitable week - earned more then 800 pips per week!
Overall ROI reach 160%, and max DD is only 8.8%, earned pips is almost 7000 pips, and it’s all only per 9 weeks!