Hit the top 200 last week im very happy with my results


Hi everybody,
I’ve been trading for 5 years. The most important thing i learned, its to be patient and confident with yourself.

i choose to keep small DD (drawdown) max 3 or 4 trades open.

Check my profile and make comments. I appretiate all opinions and support.


El Corredor



March, was a very tough month, now we are on the game again. recovered totally and still trusting in the system we follow.
check my stats and if there any question or comments ill be more than glad to answer.


Do you have some explanation for newbies ? I see that by looking at that screen you got that big amount of pips, but also lost a bit. Is it all daily USD income or how much ? As well I can see you did USD/EUR trading with software talked about on that forum, correct ?


Hi, thanks for the feedback.
all my positions are manual, i check the market every day, watching all markets openings, of course doing technical analisys… thats usually my day.

To be clear, in a short term some positions could be end in a loss because a 100% of winings means a huge drawdown.
My way to work its keep that drawdown as low as possible. the profit can afford that and after a few weeks you will see thats we end in green.

i dont plan to make huge profit in a short term, i aim to make constantly profit avoiding risk.

again thanks for the feedback, sorry for my english.


April update


Hi everybody, April was awesome, 6 month accomplished with great results.



Hi everyone,
come and see the results last 2 weeks. 24 weeks with excelent profit