Holding SELL on EURUSD


Previous low of 2018.11.12 (1.1215) on EURUSD has been broken. Today’s low is 1.1205. Hopefully it will stop around this level… though the market can try to retest 1.1205 one more time. I have looked around and noticed that some traders are still holding SELL on EURUSD. In my opinion the pair already has turned to south 2019.02. 26-27. Of course 1st SL must be 2019.03.01 at 1.1350 level and the second one 2019.03.06 at 1.1282-84 level. Tomorrow we have big news: Non-Farm Employment Change, Average Hourly Earnings m/m and Unemployment Rate. So the market can be very volatile. Hopefully those of you, guys, who are suffering losses now will not lose all your money. Good luck!


I think EURUSD will be setting up for a trade north from here.