To become a good follower is a hard and mostly long work.
The same as crafting a good trade plan and executing day in and day out methodically with unbreakable patience.

If you think you are the “shining hope” to get rich quick with $1000 invested in Forex, there will soon be tNo way to recover from an exceptional loss. Remember, every signal provider has developed his own set of rules or guidelines. And he enters the market gingerly and prudently with a relatively small size – to preserve precious capital – and to compound it when times are easy and highly predictable.

Sometimes (just like in life) you have to face exceptional events. That means, you need to take exceptional decisions. These unique decisions fall outside your normal set of behaviour or your normal rule set, but you save your life or the life of somebody else.

Life is irrational and rules are rational. Mostly rules give a certain guarantee to survive, statistically spoken. But if you are stubborn, in certain moments you will run against the wall and lose all. – So, trade with rules, be flexible in rare moments, but don’t invest all your capital. You will need it right when the markets are easy and highly predictable. – Above all else study risk management, and learn how to administrate your capital. If you don’t study obsessively first, let it be. Only risk the percentage of capital that is proportional to how much you have studied and experimented in this market.