How to prevent 2 opposite positions by 2 traders to be open in my account


hello everyone…
is there any way to prevent in my account that 2 opposite position will be open on the same pair… i will explain…
lets say im following 2 traders and one open eur/usd (buy) and the second trader opens eur/usd (sell) so now i have in my account 2 positions on the same pair one loosing and one earning,
maybe there is a rule i can create for that


The other side to this argument is that one trader has experience that leads him to believe profit will be made long and the other trader short. They have tested thier systems, so, even though one is short and one is long both could make profit depending on when the postion is closed, or, both could close at a loss. Trading is not about 1 x single trade, its about all the trades over time. Losses are part of the game. Ultimatley you need to choose a trader to follow that you believe will make profit, then rely on thier experience.

My 2c.