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Hybrid Program powered by propreitary algorithms trading 28 G8 currency pairs. Start with a $100 account and get signals directly to your MT4!

A self taught speculator driven by pure passion seeking to decipher market movements with a hybrid discretionery + algorithmic approach in the pursuit of the holy grail with a dynamic multi currency strategy portfolio trading G8 majors + crosses.

Market Approach: Hybrid Trading Style: Swing, Scalp, Intraday, Hedge, Neutral
Max risk per trade: 250 - 500 pips
Total Max Open Positions: 100
All G8 majors and crosses are traded @ fixed lot size

Recommended capital allocation trading “FIXED” @ 1 micro lot with minimum 1:100 leverage with varying risk profiles

Conservative - 10K USD
Moderate - 5K USD @
Aggressive - 2.5K USD

NB: To start trading with ONLY $125 select one pair/instrument per allocated amount @ “FIXED” 1 micro lot size

eg. Aggressive risk profile: 1 pair for every $125 minimum balance on account; trading 5 pairs would need $500 minimum balance and so on…

Please be guided accordingly and feel free to make contact if any clarification is needed*

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