ideal signal provider


we know that generally there are 3 types trader/investors.

  1. high risk
  2. medium risk
  3. low risk

In this forum saw many topic regarding reckless trading and investors are loosing money. so Im trying to find out the mentality of investors in this platform . what kind of trading they think is ideal.

please share your thought basis of below criteria:

lets assume we have 1000 usd account and trade size is 0.01 lot, so total no of pips we have is 10000-12000( considering major and cross pairs only)

  1. high risk: maximum drawdown around 5000-7000 pips and return 2500-4000 pips per month.

  2. medium risk: maximum drawdown around 2000-3000 pips and return 1500-2500 pips per month.

  3. low risk: maximum drawdown around 1000-1500 pips and return 700-1200 pips per month.

here we just consider simple maximum risk and avg monthly returns avoiding other factor like- RR ratio, ROI etc.


I think your criteria is a good example, it plays out.

mostly the signal providers which show a big winrate have the biggest risk, because they dont use real stoploss and they just open new orders.

i have also a signal provider account:

in my trading i open maximal 7 orders, but i am using a hedge order to cover the loos, i think i would define my strategy anywhere between medium and low risk, what do you think abouth my signal?


looks really good. keep ur good works