Introducing ZuluTrade's Help Center


ZuluTrade’s Help Center is now LIVE!

We are happy to inform you that we have released the first version of our Help Center!


You may directly search for the info you are looking for, pick one of the most usual Questions, or select your Topic of interest, or even choose the preferred method to contact Support.

The Content has been updated and significantly enriched.
It is organized in the following Topics, which are further broken down into subcategories:

  • Getting Started
  • My Investor Account
  • My Trader Account
  • My Affiliate Account
  • Trading Products
  • About Us

The Interface is intuitive and peppered with delightful details.

E.g. This is how Search works:


And as always, our Support Team is available 24/5 in case you need more help or have additional questions! :slight_smile:



I can not see the CHAT option in my ZuluTrade on the bottom right, like it used to be.

Has ZuluTrade removed the chat support option?