Is there any real traders here ?


Looking through all the traders and find it hard to believe they make money.
In the real Forex world we have a Risk Reward a set Stop-loss and Take Profit and number the amount off trades we have running. Please if any knows off someone who trades like this please let me Know.

I get why people open dozens off trades here so they can get more commissions, but for the follower the account has to be massive or trade a micro lot and make very little money, having 20 or 30 trades open you end up with massive drawdown.

I am feeling confused because that seems to be the norm here and it not the way we learned to trade. If I am missing something please let me.

Every trade have SL. RR atleast 1/1. One open trade per pair.


You can follow signal – Arunfxtrader

Significant points about the system:

  1. No more than 4 open trades at any moment.

  2. Trading intraday only holding position for 7 hrs.

  3. Low drawdown less than 9%.

  4. Good sortino ratio providing less downside risk.

Try it and let me know