Just wanna take my followers to make money


I would be grateful that you become one of my followers and try my best to take my followers to make money. You guys’ support would drive me to keep having a good performance on trading.

Here is my strategy: Trading Performance

■ Expected monthly profit: 18-25%.
■ Martingale, Grid, Arbitrage, Averaging or other aggressive techniques are never used.
■ No need for special fund management strategy or frequent withdrawal.
■ Suggestions on set-up: 1:500 leverage (minimum), ECN account and VPS with latency lower than 5 ms.
■ Turbulence filter refrain from trading in a dangerous market.
■ Maximum drawdown is always below 15%.

Thank you, guys!


Hi, thanks for sharing your strategy, hope you'll get many followers to enable you become established as a trader. If your strategy is one that leads to steady profit, then you will not even struggle to find followers since traders are always seeking better ways to improve their wins


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