LubeTrading at Zulu now


Hi guys,

I’d like to introduce myself and my system to the community.

I am from Germany and am trading since 2012.
This is my first social trading account, but since over the time I was asked by more and more people to share my signals I found Zulutrade due to the cooperation with my broker FXCM. So I hope it will work for all of you! :slight_smile:

The system is based on certain Fibonacci retracements in strong and valid trends.
First of all the most important thing you need to know about yourself is what type of trader psychology you have.
If you follow my system you need to be aware that you will have very rare losses but also not necessarily a trade every day - we only pick the good and safe ones.

My system is optimized for slow but constant growth of the account.
A realistic goal is to achieve a profit of 10-20 % of the account monthly.

If that fits to your personality and your expectations, I would be more than happy if you follow me and give me a like.

Green pips to y’all & cheers