Maximum 100 pips drawdown strategy


I am a signal provider and a trader since 2016, I learned a lot of things about the market in the last 5 years and the most valuable things I learned are:
1- To always trade with a SL.
2- Always trade with a good money management.
3- Be patient to snipe good trades.
4- Always cut losses before they get bigger.
And this is how I came out with my trading strategy with less than 100 pips drawdown in maximum.

- I trade with price action, support / resistance and Harmonic patterns.
- I wait for a good entry point with price action and I always set a clear TP and SL within an acceptable limits (30/70 pips).
**- When I find a good entry, I open 2 trades with the same SL and 2 different TP. **
- When we hit the first TP, I close 1 trade and I continue with the second trade (with moving SL at entry point) to the second target.

You can check my signal provider accounts by yourself and you can follow me with a demo account for at least 1 month to see how I trade: