More advanced mode: Copying individual positions from drawdown offset


Dear Zulutrade team,

I have recently started copying positions from different traders while they are in drawdown to fill the gaps, since the trader I am following does not have high frequency. From this emerged an idea for a new mode:
I think you should install a copy function for individual positions, where you don’t need to follow a trader’s entire performance but can just open an individual position and synchronize the closing moment.
A trader is at -30 pips in EUR/USD buy and followers find that in the trader’s open positions. Then you click on that position and click “open and synchronize position” (or something similar) then if the trader closes at 10 pips in the green the follower will have a profit of forty pips.
This will allow a much more advanced, intelligent and flexible way of following and traffic will go through the roof…and that, my dear Zulutrade friends, is what your most concerned with, isn’t it, creating traffic? :wink: