More stats to more reliable trader selection


Is necessary have more statistical tools to make an analysis more reliable and accurate trader selection by track record.
Would be great have a weekly and monthly candlestick history too. Profit factor is necessesary.
:black_small_square:Risk of ruin;
:black_small_square:Loss and win average per trade;
:black_small_square:Average yearly win percent and even the approximate average monthly profit (percent);
:black_small_square:Hours of win and loss; win and loss days also,
:black_small_square:History resume (of each active);
:black_small_square:Monthly percent reports and more stats would be incredible.
:black_small_square: Analysis by symbol traded

Dr. Admin


Hi! I agree and would like to add that Zulutrade should also not just show the last three month when creating the overview. The last three months should be one set of data out of at least three (Year and all). Especially maximum drawdown and maximum open trades can currently be highly misleading.