My Bollinger Band Grid Strategy


This is my Bollinger Band Grid Auto trading. The method is auto trading with Bollinger Band indicator. This will be use on EURUSD pair. starting at lot size 0.01 with timeframe M5. BUY and SELL can be opened at any point in time, but only one can be opened (BUY or SELL) at one point in time due to US Policy. I am also using grid management with LOT SUM profits set at 125. This also maximize total profits overall. I will also keeps an eye on the trades and close it out as necessary if need be to maximize more profits.

(It already made 21% profits since I started.)


As of today, I am up 39% profits. Even though, I have been making profits to this account, I am also adding more funding to this account as of today ($250.00 USD) to add more margin level to my account.

I also have updates my strategy to both BUY or SELL trades to only opened no more than 4 trades per directions. This will safeguard against going into negative margin in the long run (that could cause margin call).