My Trading Strategy: 3.2k Pips in 2 Weeks


Hello guys, currently I have some negatives in my account due to open margin calls that were done prior. However, the balance in simulated environment is over $53k in profit, and 88% of my trades have been winning. If you look between June 3 and the 17th, I have made over 3.2k pips in my trades.

I have years of experience in Quant Trading and algorithmic analysis. I am new to Zulutrade and it doesn’t take much to invest in my strategy or even give a follow.

Check me out and let me know what you think!


Hey guys, quick update. My account is now in the positive pips range and 328 out of 371 of my trades have been positive (88%), really would appreciate a follow and you to check out my strategy as this is what I am hoping to do full time.