NakedCandles, signals from experienced trader


Hi all, I am trader with several years of experience in FX.
I have signals from my two real accounts for your consideration.

NakedCandles (AAAFX)
Sep 2018 +2.71%
Oct 2018 +4.31%
Nov 2018 +4.42%
Dec 2018 +1.25%
Jan 2019 +3.64%
Feb 2019 +6.42
Mar 2019 +15.61%
Apr 2019 +6.04%
TOTAL +53.16%

NakedCandlez (ICM)
Nov 2018 +3.42%
Dec 2018 +1.47%
Jan 2019 +5.54%
Feb 2019 +8.62%
Mar 2019 +16.48%
Apr 2019 +10.06%
TOTAL +54.23%

I trade manually using japanese candlestick patterns. Opening max 3 positions at a time. About 40 positions per months in average. I usually trade intraday on H1 and H4 timeframes. Max drawdown is capped at 100 pips per position, and take profits in the range between 10-20 pips.
My strategy is find high probability setups, enter and exit securing profits.

Only once there were 4 open positions opened in first my account. It was just human error. At other time upto 3 positions is opened.
Also, I had high drawdown during New Year holidays last year in my first account. It was due technical error when SL didn’t work. This case won’t happen anymore. At other times total drawdown reached 100-200 pips on average in 43 weeks combined period with over 2900 combined pips.


March numbers updated


April number updated