New Ranking structure


“We will launch the Initial Capital and our new ROI % within this month.
Then we will be ready to upgrade our Ranking and the whole structure.”

When does this start ? @ZuluTradersDesk

¡Greetings from Spain! JM Traders

thank God! It’s about time! Much needed revamp, and will bring this platform into line with industry standard and best practice for risk management of the actual traders – NOT retail investors who oftentimes have been using wrong risk (based on the individual strategies of their managers) and wrong exits.



Were are you ?



Hopefully we will be able to introduce them within April.
Initial capital will be first and ROI will follow.



I think I missed this announcement, do you have a link to the communication on this?


Hopefully ? So this is gonna take forever ?
I dont know how to trade now very anoying


it is in this thread. And maybe elsewhere? @ZuluTradersDesk ?


The new changes on ranking factors of best practice in managing other people’s money and especially risk management based on equity is long overdue. Basing copy trading only on PIPS leaves the whole risk management to the copier / follower and this is the biggest / most important part of consistent profits and compounding assets / capital.


Thanks @OutsidetheBoxHK)


Trade responsibly, that’s all. Don’t mind about ranking structure. Your strategy must not depend on how rank algorithm works. Your strategy is your strategy, take care about it and forget the rest. If you do this and you trade well sooner or later your rank will be upgraded.



Any update on the changes to the platform?


still nothing.
many promises to change the way their platform works, measures traders performance, helping investors to follow/copy more wisely, and to compensate traders for their work fairly.
but nothing.
Zulutrade told me they would restore my payments that were rejected, but it still has not happened.
just stalling, stalling, stalling, and not updating rigorously the stakeholders who would benefit from these positive changes.


Hello again!

These are no promises. These are commitments. We will launch them soon.
We are testing them before releasing them.



Can you inform the traders. What the commitments?


Yes what are the commiments/ estimate timeframes?

@VorteXz_EA see how long we’ve waited. treatment of traders. payments to traders of commissions we generated for zulu. proper risk management stats based on equity over and above pips focus.


Hello OTB!

Your issue is on the final stage. We will inform you by email soon.
The Ranking is under re-structuring but it wont be ready soon.
The exotics issue has been given to engineers to be resolved.
The new ROI% has been delayed but we will introduce it soon.
The Initial Capital has been delayed due to a few technicalities. This may take some more time.



I see.
Words are words.
And I live in China for part of the year, so I know how much they lie to save face.
We shall see.
I want my payments that I worked hard for.



Words are mere words.
We judge you too.
We rank you too.
We see your integrity.
We see your skill.
Or lack thereof.


Indeed, this was the plan. You are right. We are still pushing as hard we can to implement these new features. On the other hand it would be silly by our side if we were lying about them.


Hi @OutsidetheBoxHK,

You mention me in your post but who are you talking about with your statements about integrity, skill, ranking, etc.?


Hey @Orbital_Dynamics
and also @Daily_Great_Swings and @VorteXz_EA and @All4Fun2Me and @Brick_By_Brick

I was referring to the qualities that Zulutrade itself has been displaying.
And I wanted to give you a heads up because you had participated in these sorts of “improve the platform” discussions and it seems you are the sort of trader/investor who wants to contribute spread the word, and follow up on these issues that seem to damage the returns / profits of so many here.